LOTUS WEI Mini Mist Collection

Aromatherapy LOTUS WEI Mini Mist Collection

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An irresistible mini collection containing each of the six refreshing Lotus Wei Energy Mists. A delightful way to sample the entire line and to experience the organic alchemy of lovingly handcrafted flower essences for yourself. Includes Infinite Love, Inner Peace, Inspired Action, Joy Juice, Pure Energy, and Quiet Mind.

Lotus Wei's Energy Mists consist of flower essences and essential oils in a water-based spritzer that you can use to mist your hair and face, as well as your yoga mat, office, car, and pillows. You can also spray your children and other loved ones to share the uplifting benefits.

Energy Mists are a luxurious way to enjoy the subtle-body benefits of flower essences and they will complement your yoga and any other energetic practices you do.

See individual product listings for a detailed list of ingredients.

Includes six 10 ml bottles

Price: $50.00

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